Cooling System Service

Other components of the cooling system include the heater core, water pump, and thermostat. All three of these components are responsible for proper coolant flow through the vehicle. The water pump is the primary driver for the fluid through the system. The thermostat blocks fluid flow to the radiator for a certain amount of time after start up. This allows the coolant to heat up quickly and efficiently. Finally, the heater core uses this hot fluid to deliver heat to those in the vehicle during cold weather. Acting as a mini radiator, the heat from the coolant is dissipated and then blown through the cabin using the blower motor. 

If a problem with your cooling system extends beyond a simple flush or component replacement, our team can diagnose the problem. We can perform a pressure test to determine if your system is externally leaking. If the pressure test determines that it is not correct, we will check your cooling system’s caps, hoses, components, and connections to determine if any of these components need to be replaced or repaired. If we determine that they do need to be replaced or repaired, we can give you a fair, honest quote on parts and labor. 

From simple pressure tests to full radiator replacements, you can trust the team at A-Len Automotive Service and Sales for excellent cooling system service.

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